Ag-Lime helps to neutralize acidic soil. A simple comparison is the effect Tums has on your over acidic stomach. Today’s soil tends to be acidic with the use of fertilizers, chemicals, leaching of nutrients, removing of crops and the decomposing of residues. As the soil pH decreases, nutrients are less available to the plants. If the plant can’t utilize the nutrients, it will reduce yields, thus affecting your bottom line.


When your pH is maintained at the proper levels, it helps your inputs work more effectively. Your investments will be more available to the plant, enhancing soil tilth and rebuilding soil fertility. You will see better plant growth and production, improved herbicide performance and an increase in the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms that help plants grow.

Not all Ag-Lime is created equal. You need to look at the ECCE & particle size. Ag-Lime is a natural product made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates which neutralize the soil. When looking at Ag-Lime, look at the ECCE (Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent). The higher the ECCE value, the more neutralizing power it has. Our Ag-Lime has a 1500 ECCE. For every 2,000 lbs. of product, 1,500 lbs are Effective Calcium Carbonate Equivalent. The smaller the size of the particles, the faster it neutralizes the soil. There are many forms of AG-LIME, do the math to make sure you are not getting a lot of extra minerals or elements that may inhibit the benefits of the Ag-Lime.

Arcadia Limestone can spread your Ag-Lime Straight-Rate or Variable-Rate.